Catch a Wave

As summer winded down, we were able to soak in a beach day. The sun was blazing and the calm surrounded us. Kels wanted to try to catch a wave.

The surf was (happily) light and little movement occurred within the ocean. As her typical self, perseverance kicked in and she waited patiently. Kelsey asked her mom to watch her in the water. Of course, she did. Though she had to wade in the cold awaiting her wave, the excitement Kelsey felt with each lost wave and each thumb’s up upon her fall was captured warmed her mother’s heart.

After at least thirty failed waves, Kelsey caught the wave.

She rode it into shore beaming ear to ear.

Her mother’s calves were frozen, but Kelsey surrounded her mother with a huge (and ice cold) hug regardless.

Kelsey continued to tell her mother about how long it may take to catch the right wave, but how it would always be worth it.

Lessons learned and absorbed right there on the surf.

Kelsey’s wisdom, perseverance, bravery, and patience never cease to amaze us.

Stay strong and catch the wave. It will always be worth it, according to Kels.

All the Rumors…

Reflecting on July has us thinking about all of the rumors we hear or have heard about navigating the parental journey. This week alone, we realize… all the rumors are true.

It is difficult, it is challenging, and some days feel like you are walking in one giant circle. One step in the right direction sometimes throws you back to the starting point in the blink of an eye.

Then sometimes, you get it right. The joy on your child’s face is your reason.

Moments of up and down, right and wrong, each are a part of the process.

Love, strength, and honesty will always go a long way, too.

We look forward to our last month of summer creating more memories and navigating new territory.

Stay strong and be brave!

Five Months – from Kelsey

“It’s been 5 months since COVID started and it is not exciting. I am thinking about school. It is stressful and some people aren’t even going to school. What makes it stressful is that if someone goes back to school, they have to wear a mask. Then what about kids like me? Will the kids like me that stay home learn as much? I want to learn a lot. I hope we all learn a lot.

If you think about it, the normal routine or the same routine would be nice. Should we all do the remote learning that we have been doing?

I feel like when COVID is over, everyone is going to get in their cars and go to the mall or movies. I wish that could happen soon. Now and forever, I pray that everyone in the world is ok and that they are all ok at the end of COVID.”

Kelsey, age 9. #bebrave

Distant Welcome

Front line providers and those working in essential services are our national heroes right now.  We salute, admire, and respect you all.

America’s heroes also remain on the front lines dedicating their service to our nation.  Our family was humbled to honor a year of service away from home in these strange times.  Our hometown hero was welcomed back with two streets lined with the simple message, “Welcome Home.”  Not a dry eye watched from afar…

The extended family stood from afar waving flags and proudly singing “Born in the USA.”  @brucespringsteen   In 2020, the Boss sings, “I woke up this morning just glad my boots were on,” in Western Stars.  We were born in the USA and are lucky to put our boots on…


Be Brave Today

In the midst of so much uncertainty around the world, we attempt a pause to embrace our gifts and hug our blessings a bit tighter.

The words that continue to scare us are those which say, “Only the vulnerable will be at risk.  Your only is our everything.”

Please heed the warnings.  Please distance.  Please keep safe and strong.

Our global normal is changing daily.  Schools are closed and the toilet paper is sparse.  In times of despair, we often see communities come together and lift each other up.  Doing so from a distance is unique.  Digital platforms allow for daily check-ins and lines of love to continue.  We are grateful for those.

Today is a day to be brave and strong.  Have the courage to stay away and be uncomfortable within your walls.  A friend of ours once declared that March 18th would be Brave Day.  Little did we realize how brave we would need to be today. #ThisisHowIBrave

Our everythings are too important for risk due to a lack of understanding.  #Strongertogether #BeBraveToday

How will you brave today?