Wings 1/27/23

Join us on January 27, 2023, for a Philadelphia Wings home game to support Kelsey’s Kaleidescope, Inc.  Tickets are $45 per ticket.  We look forward to seeing you there.

The halftime show will feature our Kingsway Youth Lacrosse players. Wear your team jersey and show your pride!

Tickets can be purchased through Kelsey’s family members by cash or check, Venmo, or PayPal :

Venmo – @NewViewforPAN

Wings Tickets 1.27.23

Magic for Medicine 11.18.22

Guests will enjoy an evening of cocktails, stations of food, music, and auction items.

Dream Big

Dream Big! We wish everyone a happy and healthy school year. Be brave and follow your dreams!


Guest blog, President of Kelsey‘s Kaleidoscope. 

The definition of determination is fixed on resolution. No one displays determination more than  Kelsey.  She approaches everything she does including sports and other activities with fierce determination.  Some activities, she likes naturally and others, she does not.  She will try anything, even if it’s painful for her if it makes her brother or her family smile.

She struggles through it and completes the task with determination.  Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting.  

This is a lesson that we can all learn from Kelsey.

I have been watching her for the past 11 years do exactly that.   She has taught me so much and her determination with life challenges sometimes successful and sometimes not has given me the courage and bravery to get up and be determined that we will not give up this fight. We will continue to raise money for research and a cure so that one day she will achieve her victory.   There are many things I love about Kelsey and her determination is one of her finest qualities.

That determination has inspired me to do the same.   Thank you Kelsey; you are truly one of a kind. I love you immensely.   

Please save the date November 18, 2022, for our seventh annual gala at all Auletto’s in Deptford, NJ.

Details to follow in the coming weeks.

Vasculitis & Its Impact


Yesterday, we awoke to news coverage on vasculitis and its impact on the body.

Ashton Kutcher shared his rare disease with the world, and we could not help but empathize with Ashton and his wife, Mila.

People, US Weekly, CNN, Fox, NBC, ABC, and the list goes on…

Ashton’s struggle is apparent and his open discussion is hard to read. We wish him well and hope that he will continue to raise awareness of vasculitis and its rare forms.

#BeBrave #AshtonKutcher #newviewforpan @aplusk

Catch a Wave

As summer winded down, we were able to soak in a beach day. The sun was blazing and the calm surrounded us. Kels wanted to try to catch a wave.

The surf was (happily) light and little movement occurred within the ocean. As her typical self, perseverance kicked in and she waited patiently. Kelsey asked her mom to watch her in the water. Of course, she did. Though she had to wade in the cold awaiting her wave, the excitement Kelsey felt with each lost wave and each thumb’s up upon her fall was captured warmed her mother’s heart.

After at least thirty failed waves, Kelsey caught the wave.

She rode it into shore beaming ear to ear.

Her mother’s calves were frozen, but Kelsey surrounded her mother with a huge (and ice cold) hug regardless.

Kelsey continued to tell her mother about how long it may take to catch the right wave, but how it would always be worth it.

Lessons learned and absorbed right there on the surf.

Kelsey’s wisdom, perseverance, bravery, and patience never cease to amaze us.

Stay strong and catch the wave. It will always be worth it, according to Kels.

All the Rumors…

Reflecting on July has us thinking about all of the rumors we hear or have heard about navigating the parental journey. This week alone, we realize… all the rumors are true.

It is difficult, it is challenging, and some days feel like you are walking in one giant circle. One step in the right direction sometimes throws you back to the starting point in the blink of an eye.

Then sometimes, you get it right. The joy on your child’s face is your reason.

Moments of up and down, right and wrong, each are a part of the process.

Love, strength, and honesty will always go a long way, too.

We look forward to our last month of summer creating more memories and navigating new territory.

Stay strong and be brave!

Charitable Cause

Kelsey’s school has a wonderful evening where students create a business plan, make or create items, and sell their items at a marketplace. It is a fantastic experience for students and a highlight for the community. This year, the event returned and was held outside on a gorgeous spring night.

Kelsey and her cherished friend created a partnership and sold two creative items. At the end of the night, all proceeds went to Kelsey’s Kaleidoscope, Inc.

It is our family, friends, and circle of support that keeps us moving forward.

What a moment 🙂

Thank you, Educators!

Education is an ever-changing profession that refreshes and resets each September. The pandemic stress and strain on educators have been evident. Through the uncertainty of remote learning, the choice to virtually instruct to protect our daughter’s health, and the return to traditional schooling this year, we remain proud and grateful to our educators. 

Our son started his journey in middle school this year, which was a new level of unknown. The administration, faculty, and all staff this year have gone above and beyond to make this transition an easy one for us, while the return to traditional schooling has not always been easy for teachers.

Our elementary school was familiar, but the choice to keep Kelsey home for her health last year was difficult. Like our son faced a transition this year, so did Kelsey. The return presented a few initial roadblocks, but Kelsey’s perseverance did not waver.

In truth, all students and families faced a transition this year. So did all teachers.

We hope that the educators in our lives know how appreciated they are and how grateful we are to have them in our children’s lives. They make a difference every day. From book clubs to character education, and everything in between, our educators make it happen. They create a positive atmosphere for our children, they challenge young minds, and they make an impact on the next generation. They are brought into our dinner discussions and become a part of our families for the year they instruct our students, but for many years to come as well. The lessons and skills they teach build and grow to cultivate the best version of our children. 

Thank you, teachers.  We have been lucky enough to have the most amazing teachers surround our children.

We see you and we appreciate you!

Wedding Bells

This weekend, Kelsey attended her first wedding. The stunning bride and her handsome groom are family, and the occasion was very special for each of us.

Filled with emotion and joy for the couple, we realized how long it has been for a family wedding overall.  

Perhaps it is because Kelsey resembles the bride or just because Kelsey was present, but for a few moments, a conversation returned to make the day even more emotional for our family.

When Kelsey was two years old and we were still unsure of her body’s pain, we had a specific biopsy planned. It was scheduled for an upper thigh lymph node.  However, when we met with the pediatric surgeon for our pre-surgical visit, he started reviewing her neck and talking to us about how he would try to use a natural fold in that area.

Young and afraid parents, we remember vividly asking a naive question about the scar and it’s constant reminder of Kelsey’s battle.  “What about her wedding day,” we questioned.

He turned to us and said one the most powerful responses of our lives.  It was a statement that changed our perspective overall.

“Keep in mind, our goal is to get her to see her wedding day.”

Our efforts remain strong and progress for her disease has been made.  When Kelsey has great days and weeks, it is easy to want to forget about that day.

We can never actually forget that line nor our commitment to that milestone and many more…