When to Now

The truth is, blessings surround us.  After two months of frustration and insurance battles, our medicine arrived. We are settled in a routine and we are surrounded by love.

With all of the medicine our doctors have trialed and all of their challenges, this one has kept Kelsey the healthiest and happiest to date.  

With the right medicine, Kelsey appears to be sunshine on a rainy day.  Her positive light shines wherever she goes.

Her size and stature have grown in a way you may not comprehend if you knew her when…


No one could find the words to heal

No one could identify the cause of concern

No one could tell us why the strokes happened

No one knew if she would walk

No one knew if her legs could hear the weight

No one knew why her gait was off

No one knew where to go next

No one knew how school would look

No one knew if sports were an option


We honor her scars

We fight for Kelsey and advocate for others

We celebrate her hard work in school and every grade she earns

We champion every game she plays

We are proud beyond measure for everything she does 

We dream of her future and a cure

Your support and generosity have helped us celebrate, champion, and fight.  Join us on 11.18.22 to learn more and help us achieve our goal of awareness and finding a cure.