Phillies vs. Cubs – 8/8/19 Ticket Contest

On August 8, 2019 our president and author of Kelsey Hates the Needle and illustrator, Krystal Almora, will host a book signing at Barnes & Noble in Deptford, NJ at 10:30 AM.

One lucky winner who purchases a book that day will win a Golden Ticket.  This golden ticket will win 4 tickets to the Philles vs. Cubs game of their choice on August 13, 14, or 15.

Meet the author and illustrator, enjoy Story Hour with your family, and win tickets to the Phillies vs. Cubs all while supporting our non-profit.

Breakfast with the Boss

Our mission is to raise awareness and help others who suffer as does our Kelsey.

Our president, Mary Wagner, and her niece (Kelsey’s Hates the Needle‘s illustrator) shared our book and our mission with Breakfast with the Boss.

Please watch and share:

Celebrate with a Shake

The end of an epic year is upon us.  This year has been filled with experiences, pride, insight, and connections.  Authors Dan and Chip Heath explain how these factors elevate our experiences and change us The Power of Moments.

To culminate this year, our new tradition is to end the year with the celebration of a shake.  We discuss the year we tackled and the joy and challenges is brought to each of us.  Our one of a kind “freak shake” is offered  at a local restaurant.  The shakes are a sugary delight and an experience we enjoy together.

We connect, unwind, and share our favorite memories of the year.

Each year is worth celebrating but some feel more elevated than others.  This one felt especially exciting.

Perhaps it is coming off of a flag football Superbowl victory for our son or a violin rendition of Best Day of my Life for Kelsey?  Perhaps it is because with each new year comes new ways to learn and new bright spots to celebrate?  Perhaps it is just because freak shakes are just that good…

Either way, we celebrate today and the joy that the end of one phase brings along with the start of another.

The Kindess of a Cub

By now, you have likely heard the story: Chicago Cub, Albert Almora, Jr. hits a foul ball and a child is hit.  The ball was moving around 90 miles per hour and a terrible accident occurred.

The hit was accidental.  The reaction is what made headlines.

Fortunate to have Albert Almora, Jr.  and wife Krystal Almora support Kelsey’s Kaleidoscope, Inc, @krystalalmora @kelseys_kaleidoscope we know of Albert’s kindness and commitment firsthand.  His dedication in the off season and genuine compassion are best captured when he is with his family and through the support he provides to charitable causes.

In case you have not yet viewed the news-worthy event:

Composure.  Compassion.  Kindness. The key attributes we should aim for when interacting with one another is captured in the essence of this story.

We are amazed by the empathy and emotion Albert Almora, Jr. displayed on the field last week and the way he exemplifies the traits of courage, gratitude, and respect in his daily life.

To great men who make mistakes, show emotion, and display courage even on live television, we applaud you.

Thank you, @almorajr for reminding us that kindness and compassion mean so much.