Be Brave Today

In the midst of so much uncertainty around the world, we attempt a pause to embrace our gifts and hug our blessings a bit tighter.

The words that continue to scare us are those which say, “Only the vulnerable will be at risk.  Your only is our everything.”

Please heed the warnings.  Please distance.  Please keep safe and strong.

Our global normal is changing daily.  Schools are closed and the toilet paper is sparse.  In times of despair, we often see communities come together and lift each other up.  Doing so from a distance is unique.  Digital platforms allow for daily check-ins and lines of love to continue.  We are grateful for those.

Today is a day to be brave and strong.  Have the courage to stay away and be uncomfortable within your walls.  A friend of ours once declared that March 18th would be Brave Day.  Little did we realize how brave we would need to be today. #ThisisHowIBrave

Our everythings are too important for risk due to a lack of understanding.  #Strongertogether #BeBraveToday

How will you brave today?

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