As parents, we have moments of great pride when our children succeed. The past week has been an exciting one for Kelsey’s brother. He attended his first “graduation” of sorts, won accolades, received and signed a yearbook, and dealt with conflict. His hard work, effort, and dedication in an uncertain year have been commendable. His academic achievements have amazed us during his time in elementary school and showcased the start of a bright future ahead.

However, his ability to learn by example and work through challenges has been something we are all proud of him for this year. He has learned life’s hard lesson that it will not always be easy, but it will be worth it in the end. He has learned how to be brave. He has learned that grief hits you hard at times, and it is a process. He has learned that hard work takes you far. He has learned that hard work is not always popular. He has learned that we believe in him. He has learned to believe in himself. He has learned that we are proud of him every day. He has learned that expressing himself can be difficult, but it is important.

The 2020-2021 school year has left its mark on many. For Kelsey’s brother, it was a year of growth, maturity, and resilience. A new chapter soon begins for him, and we are beyond proud of him.

Remote Resilience

This fall, with the world at odds and isolation orders increasing by the day, our family made the decision to keep Kelsey safe as a remote learner. We were uncertain, we were unsure, and we were scared. We can only imagine that so were her teacher and all of the school staff involved in making the decision to offer fully remote instruction.

Kelsey is social by nature, the helper in class, and an engaged learner. How would she learn from a computer? How would the teacher engage her students? How would she cultivate friendships and a sense of community? How would this work?

We trusted our educators and we believed in Kelsey. We spoke positively and openly when struggles emerged. We learned about her classmates at dinner and watched new friendships develop in breakout rooms and snack breaks.

We watched confidence soar in reading and had a difficult time keeping her bookshelf stocked. We watched a social child happy across the screen. We realize there were imperfect days and moments, but we watched a year on a Chromebook provide access, conversation, and content.

In-person projects were mimicked or recorded, and remote classrooms were also considered as part of the school.

As we close this elective remote year, we reflect often on learning leaps and gains. This year has shown a year of resilience and progress for Kelsey. We hear about the challenges many have faced this year, and we are grateful that our choice for remote instruction was a gift for Kelsey. We appreciate her teacher and all efforts made to effectively teach our daughter in a way we never thought possible before 2020.

To educators everywhere, we thank you and we appreciate you.

Be brave and enjoy your well-deserved break ahead!

#TeamJulia – Homecoming

Strength and bravery have been noticed within the dada2 community for years. We appreciate your support and love.

We have personally been following and sharing the story of Warrior Jules. Her car crash 8 weeks ago left us stunned.

Next week, after 9 weeks of hospitalization and with over 51 hours of surgery, Warrior Julia will return home.

With an uphill battle still ahead, we wanted to send more strength and hope to the family. Keep fighting Jules!

Julia is a warrior and we wish her a swift recovery with all of our love.

Be Brave. Stay strong. Positive Vibes…