Whirlwind Week Ahead

When it rains, it pours!

The week of celebrating Kelsey Hates the Needle and our quest to raise awareness and support for all children who suffer from illnesses requiring injections and those who suffer as does Kelsey begins on Tuesday!  We will take on the Windy City with a news spot Tuesday morning and a Wednesday book signing at Chicago’s Webster Street Barnes & Noble of Kelsey Hates the Needle .   One lucky winner who purchases a book that day will win a gift certificate to a Chicago steakhouse and tickets to a Cubs game!

From there, we return to our previously scheduled engagement on Thursday, August 8.  Our president and author of Kelsey Hates the Needle and illustrator, Krystal Almora, will host a book signing at Barnes & Noble in Deptford, NJ at 10:30 AM. @krystalalmora

One lucky winner who purchases a book that day will win a Golden Ticket.  This golden ticket will win 4 tickets to the Phillies vs. Cubs game of their choice on August 13, 14, or 15.

Meet the author and illustrator, enjoy Story Hour with your family, and win tickets to the Phillies vs. Cubs all while supporting our non-profit Wednesday in Chicago and Thursday in NJ.


Thank you to all who support our efforts and our girl.

Almora Generosity – Lurie Children’s Hospital

Chicago Cub, @cubs, Albert Almora, Jr. @albertalmorajr  and wife, Krystal Almora @krystalalmora, recently visited the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago  to spread joy and kindness to children in the hospital.   In addition to a visit from an incredible athlete and beautiful illustrator, the Almora family was on a generous mission.  Krystal and Albert donated copies of Kelsey Hates the Needle to patients with a dual purpose.  The family wanted to raise awareness and help children find comfort while receiving medical injections or having lab work drawn during their stay in the hospital.

Krystal and Albert want to help children all over the world find comfort in the words of the story.   We are grateful to have so much support from the Almora family to raise awareness and help children who face challenges and raise illnesses around the globe.

@kelseys_kaleidoscope #chasingthecure #newviewforpan #kelseyhatestheneedle

Author @marywagner252730 Illustrator @krystalalmora

Life is Good Today

Our recent crash has offered perspective and a renewed appreciation for all of the love and goodness surrounding us.  Kelsey’s medicine has finally been working well and when Kelsey is good and Kelsey’s medicine is working, life is good.
Life is good today.
We recently traveled to the National Institute of Health Sciences for an array of tests and checks.  Fourteen appointments in two days were trying, but Kelsey is truly amazing.  She lifts our spirits and keeps us smiling, wherever we are.
Today, we are thinking about a young man named Cole who remains at the NIH following his bone marrow transplant.  He and his family await results and a hopeful return to normalcy following this transplant.  Summer has not been filled with sun and fun for this family.
Thinking and praying for Cole and his family.
Holding tight to the sunshine and fun in our lives today.

Boom. Crash – Update

Boom. Crash. 

“Boom, crash, the sound of my heart, the beat goes on …”

This popular song continues to repeat in our minds after the boom, crash left our hearts pounding following the accident.

The police report was completed after a witness phoned into 9-1-1 and pursued the vehicle until the police were able to stop the driver.

The blood-alcohol level confirmed our suspicions.


Still in Shock…

New perspective gained.

Drive safely…

Boom. Crash.

Boom. Crash. 

“Boom, crash, the sound of my heart, the beat goes on …”

A popular song repeats in our minds after a boom, crash left our hearts vividly pounding.  The sight of a white vehicle coming at us on a two lane road with some expletives and fear pulsating through our bones is what started our vacation.  Due to precision and swift reaction, it only left us with a side-swiped mirror and rattled emotions.

Swift and precise aversion led our vehicle far enough to avoid a head-on collision.  Our family and dog were present and shaken.  Kelsey cried herself to sleep once the police officers left the scene.

A hit and run vehicle left us with questions swarming and answers unknown.

We are blessed and grateful to report everyone is safe, just scared.

Public Service Announcement for this holiday week: please get off of your phones and hire a driver if you need one.

A hit and run is no way to start a vacation.  On the other hand, we’ll appreciate these days together even more as a result of arriving to our destination with only a shattered mirror and mind.

Broken glass may cut, maybe even scar, but it can be repaired.

Stay safe and drive safely.