It is with a heavy heart that we remember Ruud. Rudd was a member of our international dada2 community. His fight and battle against dada2 began several years ago. Discovered oceans away, his story was an important one.

His legacy lives on.

Two weeks ago, Ruud’s memory was shared during our international gathering. Prior to COVID, our families were lucky enough to sit next to one another during a dada2 conference to share our experiences. Continents separate us, but our stories connected us as parents and families.

The dada2 community is at a loss without you Ruud. From our dada2 family to yours, we wanted you to know that we are thinking of you.

We aim to raise awareness and a cure.

Be brave. Stay strong.

Hope for Tomorrow, This Weekend

Seven years ago, we experienced the life-altering diagnosis day. The day we sought for three years and the day that let us know the uphill battle we would face together as a family to support our toddler.

Two years into our journey, we learned about the dada2 foundation. Like us, they were working towards advocacy, awareness, and a cure for kids like Kelsey around the globe.

This weekend, we will join families from 28 countries to share stories and learn from one another. Hope is also evident when we come together because the future is bright when you know the depth of our community and the many faces of dada2 patients.

We continue to learn, grow, and stay brave, together.