Wicked Warriors, Win-Win!

Stronger and braver, The Wicked Warriors stand together to make a difference in their community.

Contact us to donate clothing and items you have recently cleaned out to support the Wicked Warriors and Kelsey’s Kaleidoscope, Inc. TODAY!

Thank you for your generosity and support.

Be Brave, Wicked Warriors!


Practice Injection Exam

“Tomorrow, I have a major test,” Kelsey said worried before bed.
“What is your test on?” I ponder in our world of virtual learning…
“Injecting a needle properly.  Don’t worry, it’s on a dummy, code word doll (said with a wink).  It’s practice for when I am a doctor someday.  I have to start learning now,” replied Kelsey with full sincerity.
She typed a list of all the necessary steps and practiced each step on me to ensure accuracy.  I gave her an A+.
Our talk continued with life goals and the innocence of youth, a turn occurred.  “Should I be scared of COVID?  If I became a doctor and the emergency comes back, how will I help patients and worry about me?”
When the day to day “normal” has become routine, moments bring you back…
Be Brave.  Stay Strong!

Wicked Warriors, Stand Strong

A few months ago, a philanthropic group of women were on the soccer fields with news of an organization that ended abruptly after a decade of success, love, and teamwork.

Stronger and braver now than in the past, this tremendous group of warrior women could not be stopped!  They formed a new alliance and stand together as The Wicked Warriors to make a difference in their community.

This week, The Wicked Warriors voted on their inaugural charitable selection.  Though we are in uncertain times and the season of dragon boat racing may not commence as planned, these warriors voted and selected our organization to begin their quest to make a difference.

We are grateful that such a brave and dedicated group of women selected us.

Thank you for your support and for showing us, love.

Be Brave, Wicked Warriors!

Math the 4th…

May 4th was a beautiful day!
Our Second Annual Golf Outing was scheduled and postponed for safety.

May 4th came and went.
It was a beautiful day, it would have been a gorgeous day for a golf outing.
To all of our supporters, we thank you!
Our new distancing leaves much to be determined, but much we are grateful for, too.
When it’s safe to return to normal,
We will be on the course for our cause!
Stay safe and be brave until then..