We close our eyes and think back to 6:26 PM on the night you were born. A first in both families, and a beautiful baby boy. Your eyes lit up the room and though your birth was tough to endure for your mom, you have made every minute moving forward worth it. 

Strong – your strength is layered. You are physically capable and athletic, but your inner strength shines when faced with grief or the natural acceptance and understanding of your sister’s rare disease.

Vulnerable – Strength can make us vulnerable and so can our teenage years. You are beginning to find your way and your path. Every day, we watch you develop a little bit more into the man you will be come. We are proud of what we see.

Humorous – Seventh grade humor is not always enjoyed around the dinner table, but your laughter is contagious and we hear it often. Keep laughing!

Tentative – along with seventh grade and a teenage milestone comes many choices. Some you will choose and others you will avoid. At times, this tentative nature may hold you back, but your decisiveness when it matters shows your character.  Keep making smart choices.

Confident – polar opposite of tentative is seen often; confidence. You display confidence on your field of choice and in the classroom.  Keep standing up for yourself and what is right. 

Observant – since the moment you opened your eyes, you have scanned the room thoughtfully and carefully.  Keep watching.

Athletic – Your busy schedule is by your own design, but we are committed to you and proud of the many sports and activities you try.  Keep trying and keep learning.

Musical – With guidance, you started to play an instrument at the age of seven. Now by choice, you have found the one that gives you a voice.  Keep playing.

Philanthropic – Kelsey’s disease has not been easy on any of us, especially you.  Thirteen years later, you are part of the solution and aim to find new ways to give back or help your sister’s disease find hope.

Gamer – you love “relaxing” with your friends while gaming.  We may not understand the screams and words you use, but we love hearing you have fun.

Inquisitive – you question, you explore, and you design.  As the world keeps changing, these traits will guide you.  Keep searching until you find your path.

Brave – You helped our family find a word to shape our journey and brave efforts were led by you. Stay courageous and brave, The right path is sometimes easier without courage, but it will not always be worthwhile or meaningful.

Make every moment count and don’t blink. We love you. Happy birthday!  

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