Dream Big – Happy 11

Make a wish.
She wishes COVID would come to an end.
What has been your favorite part of the year for you?
I did not get COVID and even though I missed a lot, I stayed healthy.
This year has been a tough one missing out on events, activities, and fun.

We are getting there, we hope, but we know this year has been hard on us all.
Our children dream of better days ahead.
We hope to see this wish come true.
Dream big.
May your dreams always come true, Kelsey.

The world shines brightly with you around.

Wings – 1.22.22 CANCELLED

COVID precautions have brought us to cancel our 1.22.22 Wings event. We will issue a refund to all who purchased and let you know of our new date OR our date for next year.

As always, we appreciate your support!

1.22 ~ Wings Night

Join us on January 22, 2022 for a Philadelphia Wings home game to support Kelsey’s Kaleidescope, Inc.  Tickets are $30 per ticket.  We look forward to seeing you there.

The halftime show will feature our 2027 Shamrocks Lacrosse players and any other friend local lacrosse players.

Tickets can be purchsed through:

Venmo – @NewViewforPAN

Number of Tickets