Five Months – from Kelsey

“It’s been 5 months since COVID started and it is not exciting. I am thinking about school. It is stressful and some people aren’t even going to school. What makes it stressful is that if someone goes back to school, they have to wear a mask. Then what about kids like me? Will the kids like me that stay home learn as much? I want to learn a lot. I hope we all learn a lot.

If you think about it, the normal routine or the same routine would be nice. Should we all do the remote learning that we have been doing?

I feel like when COVID is over, everyone is going to get in their cars and go to the mall or movies. I wish that could happen soon. Now and forever, I pray that everyone in the world is ok and that they are all ok at the end of COVID.”

Kelsey, age 9. #bebrave

3 thoughts on “Five Months – from Kelsey”

  1. Kelsey, you are going to be ok and so am I. What is happening is definitely strange, but not scary. It has happened before.
    You and my Brooke will have school at home, some kids that I know are homeschooling anyway. You will do great and maybe better than the rest! Whatever you do, have fun, and do it smiling❤️

  2. Kelsey, you are a strong girl with a very perceptive mind. God has given you abilities that belong to only you. I believe you are a warrior and God’s hand on you will give you peace, and comfort. Look in the mirror and remember who you are in Jesus. You can do all things through Christ Jesus who lives in you.

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