An Ode to Gran

This week, our family has faced the devastation of a loved one moving from full speed ahead to instead lagging several steps behind. We await news, continue to hope, and prepare for the road ahead. With the hope that her seventieth birthday gift can someday be shared with her, noting “Happiness is finding a scratch for every itch,” given a newly found inability to properly reach her back, this one is for you Gran.

In common, we love the same few.

Strength and confidence followed you.

Education and values at our core

Words we adore but our family, much more.

Faux Gran to some, but our Gran new.

To hope, love, and bravery as we walk forward into the unknown…

We thank you for sending strength, love, and support to our home.

Virtual Comedy for a Cure

Five years after the inaugural gala, our November fundraising event was set to be the best yet. With COVID19 precautions and measures in place, we are going virtual.

Save the Date for a virtual evening of laughter. Further details will follow.

We hope to “see” you there!

Fourth Grade

Virtual, hybrid, or a combination unknown, good luck this school year. The choice to learn in a remote-only environment has been emotional for our family. In true Kelsey fashion, her spirits are high and her attitude is positive. Her dream and future goal remain the same…

Be Brave. Mask Up. Here’s to a great year for all.

Face Masks for Kelsey

Mask Up! Support Kelsey’s Kaleidoscope, Inc. It’s a win-win!

Click here to order yours now!

Kelsey’s Kaleidoscope, Inc. thanks you for being brave!

Five Months – from Kelsey

“It’s been 5 months since COVID started and it is not exciting. I am thinking about school. It is stressful and some people aren’t even going to school. What makes it stressful is that if someone goes back to school, they have to wear a mask. Then what about kids like me? Will the kids like me that stay home learn as much? I want to learn a lot. I hope we all learn a lot.

If you think about it, the normal routine or the same routine would be nice. Should we all do the remote learning that we have been doing?

I feel like when COVID is over, everyone is going to get in their cars and go to the mall or movies. I wish that could happen soon. Now and forever, I pray that everyone in the world is ok and that they are all ok at the end of COVID.”

Kelsey, age 9. #bebrave

Virtual Party

Cancelled. More often than not, we hear cancelled in 2020.

Birthday parties. Fundraisers. Milestone life events.


Positive vibes surrounded us when a virtual party came our way to support our cause.

If you need some Tastefully Simple items, please shop away.

We are grateful for the support and generosity!

#BeBrave #MaskUp

Hitting Home

When the MLB had its first outbreak close to our home, we felt nervous and worried about how safeguards in place allowed for the entry of positive COVID tests.

When house parties of over 700 guests occurred, we wondered how long it would take to move closer to us.

When face masks are mandated for school, we worry this is far from over.

Then a close relative received a positive diagnosis. Our prayers remain as recovery from COVID now requires hospitalization. Family members await tests and await the days of quarantine hopeful that positive is not a word they hear soon.

Positive is news we need. Positive is what we have to stay, however.

Decisions require careful thought and consideration at every turn.

We safeguard as much as we can but until the reality hits near your home, does it feel real? We struggle to make sense of it all and worry that an unexpected surge will soon lead us further apart.

Be brave and mask up.

Behind the Mask

An immunocompromised child in COVID 19 is tricky. Her mask was purchased more as a memory at the time because it was not a thought months ago, nor has it been since, to have her out in public. When she selected her pineapple print, we thought it was adorable. We never considered having her wear it to get scans, imaging, and pathology completed.

Behind the mask is a brave girl. Her monitoring this summer may be different than usual, but what appears to be “normal” in 2020?

Behind the mask was a smile as she held her father’s hand.

Behind the mask was an anxious face for wearing it for a length of time is not yet normal for hers.

Behind the mask was a proud mom who cannot quite describe how all of this feels in 2020.

Behind the mask was a dad who is always there to support and love his ladies.

Behind the mask was a brother who has matures and grows each time he removes his mask.

Behind the mask, we all look different.

Behind the mask, we are brave.

Behind the mask, we have hope for our future.

We wonder how long we will watch from behind the mask.

What next?

We thought the news of a populated pizzeria closure would raise caution. We had concern and worry for the week ahead. Instead, a few days later, we drove by a favorite restaurant of ours to see empty docks and parking spaces. We have not enjoyed a meal here during the summer of 2020, but we noticed how many others have so far this summer.

Not this weekend.

We saw emptiness.

Another positive test closed another popular dining location for a few days.

Will this continue to be a trend or is it a fluke two weeks in a row?

We applaud the business owners for following all of the rules and sanitation procedures. However, emptiness leads to worry and caution.

Be brave and keep staying safe.

Otherwise, we wonder, what next?

Difficult Decisions

How do you explain the importance of protecting your immunocompromised child to the sibling of an immunocompromised child? This question is one we are not answering well in July 2020.

In March, April, and May when the quarantine restricted all of us, the discussions about what we were missing were easier than they are today. Now, we are all able to make decisions and choices to our own comfort level as Disneyland, amusement parks, and other public areas open with limitations and restrictions. We learned that a slice of pizza could have led to transmission over the weekend. We are scared.

As comfort levels adjust and invitations have come our family’s way, we find that difficult decisions and choices are ahead. These decisions are harder than we anticipated they would be. Multiple impending imaging studies and pathology appointments remind us of our why as a family unit. However, we are also trying to help an eleven-year-old understand. Receiving invitations to inside gatherings and parties should be exciting. Instead, we have to help him understand our fears and our need to protect the most vulnerable member of our family. Anger and sadness have followed. We understand and empathize, but that does not make it any easier for us or allow us to waiver from our choices.

We second guess our decisions over the past few weeks as a resurgence in cases appears around us. We fear the weeks ahead and what is to come. We pray that our fears are incorrect. However, we cannot take that chance.

Our hearts are heavy in mid-July for the difficult decisions that surround us as a family and the number of cases rising. Who would have thought that normalcy and its return would have been so difficult? We certainly did not see this coming. We bravely walk together and openly discuss our fears and family concerns to make the best decisions for us.

Be brave and make the best decisions for you. Stay healthy and mask up! If we all do our part, perhaps the road to return will not be as long or as difficult.