José Saves the Day

A lifelong dream of Kelsey’s mother and advocate has been to write a children’s book. Her dreams have turned into reality with the support of the president of Kelsey’s Kaleidoscope, Inc., Mary, and the artistic talents of Krystal Almora.

Please consider supporting Kelsey’s Kaliedoscope, Inc. with the purchase of José Saves the Day. The story is one of understanding and acceptance of an allergy injection for children who endure life-threatening allergies. A Halloween setting makes this the perfect addition to your library this fall.

To all who face life-threatening allergies, stay brave.

5th Grade Dreams

As the dawn of a new year approaches, Kelsey returns to her dream of becoming a doctor someday to help and heal others, just like her doctors do for her.

We hope you have a wonderful new year ahead, wherever you are.

Your life is like a Kaleidoscope

The food recommendation is something new. We settled on an order from a local restaurant we rarely order from in the area. Our expectations were low, but we were happy to try something new.

The cookie that ended the night was simply perfect.

We were all amazed at this good fortune. The vibrant, ever-changing life we see is one we are proud of. We approach the start of a new school year and another unknown surge of the pandemic with fear and gratitude.

We wish you well and the colorful light that shines from our kaleidoscope.