We have struggled to publicly talk about all that Kelsey endures and all that we have seen.   Though we write and fundraise, it is still hard to actually speak to her teachers or friends about the disease because saying it makes it all real. Sometimes, it is easier to hope than to state your fears or reality.

However, Kelsey wants to talk about it and Kelsey created her BRAVE headbands to make a difference.

The support has been incredible.  Friends and family have called, asked, and worn the bands.  She continues to wear her band to school daily with pride.

Though we still seek a cure and worry a great deal, support keeps us hopeful for someday.

We are grateful for all who have asked about Kelsey, worn a band, and to those who lift Kelsey in their prayers.

Be BRAVE today!


Brave.  Defined in so many ways and displayed by so many of us, young and old each day.

Kelsey recently read the book, Born Just Right .  She could not put it down.  Jordan’s story and her family’s journey is vastly different from ours, yet similar in so many ways.  Kelsey felt inspired to do something for herself and her disease after reading Jordan’s story because Jordan is making her dreams come true.  

Kelsey wanted to find an outlet and let her creativity shine, too.  For weeks, Kelsey wrote and drew ideas in her journal.  Kelsey was ultimately motivated by her new love of hand bands.  Her brother is also wearing headbands these days, especially those he sees on @bryceharper3

BRAVE headbands were designed and created by Kelsey.   Kelsey will proudly wear hers to her first day of third grade today.

Kelsey’s brother will also wear his BRAVE band today to signify his unity and provide support and strength for his sister.  He does not realize how brave he is each and every day, too.

Here is to a wonderful school year to learners of all ages.  

Be BRAVE, follow your dreams, and let Kelsey know if you would like a headband.  She would love to see you wearing one.