Rare and Beautiful

Rare is an adjective defined as unusually great or excellent. Rare can also mean few and widely spread apart.

When rare is used to describe a disease, it scares you. You lie awake thinking about it. You constantly worry and you want to do everything you can to foster uniqueness in a way that does not define you as few and widely spread apart, but one that makes you feel unusually great.

Any hospital visit or stay is a reminder of the rare you want to avoid.

But moments shine with hope and a glimmer of the unusually great and extraordinary, too.

This weekend, Kelsey was a shining example of beauty in its rarest form. Confidence and poise surrounded her as she chose to wear her soccer uniform to her special dance with her father to make the quick change required an easy one for her. She simply placed a tutu over the uniform and that was that.

What started out as a joke to save time ended up being her decision.

Rare is simply magnificent sometimes. We are also beyond grateful when a moment celebrates Kelsey’s rare and defines her in all of the right ways.

Be brave. Be rare. Shine on.

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