To support our local grocery store employees, president, Mary Wagner donated BRAVE bands to employees at two locations.

Our next project is creating comfort BRAVE bands to local health care providers.  Be BRAVE!

BRAVE Redefined in COVID 19

This weekend, a BRAVE nurse had the idea to utilize BRAVE bands in her day-to-day work on the frontlines.  After she picked up the bands, Kelsey brainstormed the many other BRAVE men and women who work on the front lines daily.

We counted the amount of BRAVE bands we had remaining, and though it was a mix of colors and orders, we had exactly 100.  Kelsey decided that she wanted to donate BRAVE bands to those front line workers.  After two calls to ShopRite, the first deliveries are set for today by President, Mary Wagner.


Thank you to all who work and serve others!

Distant Welcome

Front line providers and those working in essential services are our national heroes right now.  We salute, admire, and respect you all.

America’s heroes also remain on the front lines dedicating their service to our nation.  Our family was humbled to honor a year of service away from home in these strange times.  Our hometown hero was welcomed back with two streets lined with the simple message, “Welcome Home.”  Not a dry eye watched from afar…

The extended family stood from afar waving flags and proudly singing “Born in the USA.”  @brucespringsteen   In 2020, the Boss sings, “I woke up this morning just glad my boots were on,” in Western Stars.  We were born in the USA and are lucky to put our boots on…


Hello (from the inside)

Like you, we pray and wait, from the inside.

COVID-19 is scary and unkind.  During our rainy weekend, Kelsey discovered this parody and had it on at least five times daily.  Funny, honest, and real, we sing alone to make the new normal one of hope, joy, and love.