Energy, like all things, has a limit.

Mental toughness and maintaining our “normal” is always our desire.  This week, it seems that our energy levels are depleting and evaporating by the second.

A struggle to walk for a child and daily injections have taken their toll on our family.  We still await answers and we struggle with the wait immensely.

We fear the unknown and wish our fears could evaporate.

Meeting families from around the world recently with the same struggles as ours was both humbling and scary.

Their stories are the same, their symptoms echo Kelsey’s, but underneath the surface right now, something is happening inside of a tiny body that cannot tell us why.

Another medical challenge increased its force this week and our limits are being tested.

Our energy has evaporated.

We hold on to hope but fear it will evaporate, too.


Daily injections, steroids, and three other medications have merely helped instead of ridding us of our current worry.  New marks appear and we are left with more questions and lingering concerns.

The weeks have been long and tough to take.  The spirit of the holidays has kept up grateful and hopeful of all that we do have.  It has not been easy to endure at all times.

…not easy at all.

Then, this evening news hits of another potential worry and to quote Kelsey through some of her pain over the past few weeks, we “just can’t.”

We pray this holiday season offers you peace and joy.  We pray for resolution and answers as we work through ours.

Emotional overload is an understatement.