Boom. Crash.

Boom. Crash. 

“Boom, crash, the sound of my heart, the beat goes on …”

A popular song repeats in our minds after a boom, crash left our hearts vividly pounding.  The sight of a white vehicle coming at us on a two lane road with some expletives and fear pulsating through our bones is what started our vacation.  Due to precision and swift reaction, it only left us with a side-swiped mirror and rattled emotions.

Swift and precise aversion led our vehicle far enough to avoid a head-on collision.  Our family and dog were present and shaken.  Kelsey cried herself to sleep once the police officers left the scene.

A hit and run vehicle left us with questions swarming and answers unknown.

We are blessed and grateful to report everyone is safe, just scared.

Public Service Announcement for this holiday week: please get off of your phones and hire a driver if you need one.

A hit and run is no way to start a vacation.  On the other hand, we’ll appreciate these days together even more as a result of arriving to our destination with only a shattered mirror and mind.

Broken glass may cut, maybe even scar, but it can be repaired.

Stay safe and drive safely.

4 thoughts on “Boom. Crash.”

  1. I will thank God that you are all safe. I gave in my license because of the nuts on the road. Cell phones, drugs, and alcohol will maim or kill individuals or families. God bless you and be safe. Enjoy your vacation.


    Aunt Gracie

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