Life is Good Today

Our recent crash has offered perspective and a renewed appreciation for all of the love and goodness surrounding us.  Kelsey’s medicine has finally been working well and when Kelsey is good and Kelsey’s medicine is working, life is good.
Life is good today.
We recently traveled to the National Institute of Health Sciences for an array of tests and checks.  Fourteen appointments in two days were trying, but Kelsey is truly amazing.  She lifts our spirits and keeps us smiling, wherever we are.
Today, we are thinking about a young man named Cole who remains at the NIH following his bone marrow transplant.  He and his family await results and a hopeful return to normalcy following this transplant.  Summer has not been filled with sun and fun for this family.
Thinking and praying for Cole and his family.
Holding tight to the sunshine and fun in our lives today.

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