Tucked Away in Dreams

The end of a school year is near.  This end mark is causing reflection, pride, and accomplishment in our household.  Though we are weeks away from the close, my children seem particularly anxious about the last day of this school year.

Along with the kindness and respect my children have gained by their experiences this year, wisdom is also evident in their daily instruction.  The lessons of the year are adding up to a sum of happiness and joy overall.

These lessons do not come without disappointment, too.  Whether the disappointment is missing a question on a test, a conflict with a friend, or a scheduling dilemma, disappointment comes when we care the most.

My son and daughter went to bed feeling disappointed tonight.  Sadly, Kelsey was saddened by her peers not understanding her disease (something she brings up almost daily before she closes her eyes).  My son was disappointed in a scheduling conflict.

Neither felt satisfied with our parental responses though we always try our best to explain matters in clear terms.

A part of love, however, is resolution and though our conflicts may continue to exist in the morning, our fears and emotions are tucked away in dreams for now.

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