Smoking is Bad

“Smoking is bad.  There is no question about that, Mom.”

“Absolutely,” I thankfully stated.

“Mom, I’m so disappointed by the people I see smoking.  Don’t they know how bad it is?” she replied.

“Well that’s a complicated question, Kels.  Not everyone knew the risks and concerns when they started.  Many would like to quit but have a tough time with it,” I respond with far too much detail.

“Oh, ok.  What would happen if you smoked with a baby in your belly?” she fired back with quickly.

“Well smoking could hurt a baby and cause problems,” I answered.

She sat in the back seat pouting. I wondered if she and a friend were discussing this and exactly what would come out of her mind next.

“Oh.  I see,” she finally stated.

“Everything ok Kels?” I wondered.

“Yes. It’s fine, mom.  I didn’t know that you smoked while you were pregnant with me, but I guess it explains the bad stuff inside of me.  It’s ok,” she forgave me.

“Kelsey, Mommy did not smoke with you inside of her belly,” I reply and you know the tears stream behind my sunglasses because I knew that the next question was about to be asked.

“So what made the bad things happen inside of my body?” she asked.

When words of wisdom fall short, and life is harder to explain than seems reasonable… you try your best.

“Kelsey, it is a bit complicated.  Something inside of your body is missing, but Kelsey’s Kaleidoscope, Inc. and the dada2 foundation are working to find a way to replace it,” I said full of anger, sadness, and hope intertwined.

“Of course, Mom.  That’s fine.  I forgive you,” said my sweetheart.

A few minutes later, she continued with one final thought.

“The sooner you can get that replacement for me, the better.  OK?”

“Ok baby girl.  Ok.”

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