Wishing  Hoping.  Running deep with prayer.

This photo was captured just before heading down to The National Institutes of Health for testing and follow-up visits.  This prayer was not brief nor was it light.  You could see it in her face and feel it once she was finished.

Perhaps like me she prayed for a status quo visit, perhaps like me she prayed for her doctors to make the best judgments and decisions regarding her health, or perhaps like me she prayed for strength while we visited the NIH facility.

The NIH is a truly remarkable place where miracles happen and lives are saved.  The reality of the condition you have leading you there is the one you need strength to handle.

You look left, look right, and pray for strength.  You pray for answers.  You pray for a cure.

You chat with other patients and parents; you wonder how they are feeling.  You see their stress and wonder if you are wearing yours.  You smile meaningfully and listen carefully.

You see a concert, performed especially for the children, and inside you break down a little bit because you realize that each of those children is there with a special condition, disease, or affliction.  You smile and clap, but tears stream between claps as you see your child being there among them.  Praying for all of the beautiful children who gleefully danced, who are all in the same boat.

You leave with more questions than answers and hopefully sighs of relief.  You know the doctors do all they can to help you and the condition that brings you there.

You can imagine your daughter’s wish at the fountain.

Your wish is the same.

Kelsey’s Kaleidoscope, Inc.’s wish is the same.

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