Strength. Endurance. Determination.

These words came to mind while watching a group of young gymnasts at my first ever gymnastics expo.   Some girls were timid and others exuded confidence with each step.  Each tried and each did their best.

Balance was the most challenging for Kelsey.  I found it symbolic watching her with each step and each breathe.  Balance is tricky for us all.  Whether it is balancing family and work, technology with reality, or any combination of things in between, life can be a great balancing act.

Kelsey made it to the end and left the beam with a giant leap.  She fell and stood back up with a smile.  Without hesitation, she stepped right back up and finished the routine.

She always inspires me to lead with love and find positive every day.  Today was no different.  In fact, today, watching her balance helped me feel a sense of pride to know that she is managing balance and trying her best in all that she does.


It can be difficult to slow down during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  However, I find that is what we need right now more than ever.

We try to mix in holiday fun, quiet reflection, and a sense of gratitude for all that we do have in our lives every chance we have to do so.

At times the balancing act of work, play, and family can be a challenge for us all.

I think back to this week six years ago when I held a febrile child void of energy in my arms.  She was nine months old and she was in need of serious medical attention.  Docs convinved me it was teething.  I was easily persuaded because I wanted to be.  I wanted balance and I wanted to believe.

Standing in the doctor’s office demanding more, demanding testing, demanding results was not easy.   It took bravery and perserverance.

The sixteen days we endured in the hospital following that moment were even harder.

Finding courage, finding strength,  and finding balance in all things has taken effort then and now.

Kelsey’s disease helps us evaluate priorities, give thanks for blessings, and pray for balance in all facets of life.  We pray for answers and we pray that we connect families and help others so that balance can be found.

I hope this holiday season helps you find comfort, balance, and love.