Parental Pride

Last year, Kelsey watched her brother play a sport she had never tried. A kind friend gave her a lacrosse stick to start her off to see if she wanted to play. Occasionally this summer, Kelsey and her brother would have a catch. He showed her the basics though the sport is much different for girls and boys in most ways.

Tryouts came around this Spring for a very talented and skilled team. With little practice under her belt, she gave it her all. She left and entered the car feeling proud of herself for trying something new but felt that she “lacked the skills” needed to make the team. She was happy to play on any team and felt that she would really enjoy the sport after just the tryout.

To her delight, she learned that she was selected for the team and she was beaming with pride. Win or lose, making the team or not, we are so proud of our kids for trying new things and helping each other grow into the best versions of themselves possible.

Kelsey often doubts herself and her talents. When the email invitation came, it was a moment to shine.

May you shine brightly today. Our parental pride is shining tonight.

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