A warm weather New Year brings hope at every corner.  The last week of 2018 was one that needed a day of sunshine and a glimmer of hope for our household.  It ended with a swollen knee and pain that preceded our dreams.

Our holiday break was full of so much family and friendship.  There is so much to be grateful for in our lives.  However, it was also filled with pain and a great deal of unanswered questions for our daughter.

‘New’ brings hope and we all feel that on January 1.  A fresh start and a new day to make new dreams come alive.

New for us has also meant uncertainty, swelling, and the inability to bear weight.  It is a ‘new’ that only prednisone has worked wonders on so far and one that resembles a stiff, soar, and immobile little girl.  New should mean bright, not swollen joints without reason.

Among the many wishes we have for the new year and the new beginnings we look forward to watching, you know what our top priority is as the page turns to the second day of the bright horizons and the promises that we hope new brings to you.

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