Merry Worry

Christmas morning was truly magical.  The joy on our children’s faces was one greater than usual and the amount of gratitude and blessings we felt in our hearts were many.

It is always difficult to sleep on Christmas Eve as once we spent the evening awaiting a blood transfusion.  Seven years ago, but always a time hard to forget on such a memorable evening.  Though grateful to sleep in our own beds, each Christmas Eve, it hits us one way or another.

This year, Christmas started off blissfully different.  A 4 AM wake-up and sheer bliss filled every inch of our home.  Squeals of delight were everywhere.

Then around 11AM, we could not deny the limp.  Holiday cheer waned…

By 2PM, we noticed a lack of motion and all over stiffness.

By dinner, we debated the ER.

Our hearts remain heavy, yet hopeful, tonight.  We hope your day was merry and bright.  We ask for a prayer and a wish for Kelsey tonight.

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