Energy, like all things, has a limit.

Mental toughness and maintaining our “normal” is always our desire.  This week, it seems that our energy levels are depleting and evaporating by the second.

A struggle to walk for a child and daily injections have taken their toll on our family.  We still await answers and we struggle with the wait immensely.

We fear the unknown and wish our fears could evaporate.

Meeting families from around the world recently with the same struggles as ours was both humbling and scary.

Their stories are the same, their symptoms echo Kelsey’s, but underneath the surface right now, something is happening inside of a tiny body that cannot tell us why.

Another medical challenge increased its force this week and our limits are being tested.

Our energy has evaporated.

We hold on to hope but fear it will evaporate, too.

2 thoughts on “Evaporation”

  1. Jenn and Brendan;

    I wish there was a magic wand that could take away all your fears and cure your precious Kels. It seems so unfair and no one should be made to endure such mental anguish. I keep praying that one day the injections and meds will kick in and she will be a totally healthy little girl. Know that my daily prayers are there for all of you.
    God bless you with strength.
    Aunt Gracie

  2. Sitting at a party, chatting with a neighbor about this and that. She asked about Brooke, everyone does. I tried to divert the conversation so I mentioned the wonderful time we had at the event. She asked what it was for and I told her about Kelsey. And your organization. She smiles.
    “We have a few children with PAN in our organization.”
    I was amazed. I wanted to know more. Hear more.
    She has to leave.
    I will try to catch up with her before I head south.
    God always puts people in our path on purpose. ????

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