The Weight of Wednesday

Funny how a day of the week once so arbitrary holds the weight of the world for us these days.  Last week, Wednesday brought relief through an injection.

So far, so good.  The dose did its job for now.  Labs were not great, but they did not signal any further alarms.  Observation and instincts guide us now.

This Wednesday, we wait to see if the dosage is right.  We wonder if it is enough.  We feel immense gratitude for the prayers and well wishes we have received over the past few days.  The worry and waiting have been a struggle, to say the very least.

If you read these posts, we thank you.  You are aware of the weight of Wednesday and the range of emotion it brings.  Sometimes the weight resembles fear or anger, other times it is a sense of gratitude or courage, and every now and again, it echoes strength.   Each Wednesday is also a time of reflection.  These words help release the strain and stress.  Each like, view, or comment reminds us that there is always a community to care for us and stand by us.

May the weight of your Wednesday be sparse today.  We catch our breathe today and hope our weight is light, too.

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