Water Park Play

Fun, sun, and no shade for miles.

90 degrees was perfect for water park play.  After recent theme park debacles and 3-D golf struggles, I was not sure what the water park attempt would bring.  For Kelsey’s brother, the day was sheer joy and adventure.

For Kels, sensitivity, anxiety, and fear regarding “medical condition” warnings surrounded us all day long.  Reading opens all doors, including the ability to read the warnings as a child already concerned about these activities.  Kelsey settled on a few pool slides and attractions typical for younger children.  She squealed with delight with their low-height thrills.

Twelve laps around the lazy river were the favorite of the day until a rope course piqued her interest and challenged Kelsey’s strength.  Her greatest triumph was five seconds and about two arm-lengths.  She was happy to try and we were all happy to watch her smile.

The challenge for me as a parent today hit me deepest while awaiting for a small slide.  Toddlers and young children pushed their way in front of Kelsey.  Those who know Kelsey are keenly aware of her assertive and strong presence.  Kelsey, in this moment, said nothing.  She stepped back  instead.

When I asked her why she allowed several children to step in front of her, she said with a smile, “they were little kids and they were just having fun.  I was just glad to be there.  I really didn’t mind.  One even had a bathing suit that was starting to fall down.  He needed to get down to his mom to fix it for him.”

My challenge was then put into perspective while viewed through the eye of a child who finds joy and fun in the smallest moments of every day.

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