The Merry Go Round of Life

The lights, the sound, the motion.

Nothing quite like a merry go round to make you feel nostalgic and carefree.

While feeling like a kid on a carousel, an ear shattering shriek was heard.

The ride stopped.

Panic (unnecessary, but truthfully) sunk in.

“What was that??” everyone peered and looked around.

The operator smiled on her microphone, remained calm, and said that all was well.  It should only be a few minutes before it was up and running again.

In those few minutes, I watched two technicians come around to correct the problem and could not help but realize how parallel the experience was to life.

The ride starts full of smiles and sunshine.

The pause and ponder happens.

The worry, the fear, the panic.

You hope the voice of calm appears to ease your mind and support the endeavor.

The support comes in to identify the problem.

Hopefully, a solution can be found and corrected.

If so, the merry go round keeps spinning.

The smiles resume.

Sometimes they appear with uncertainty because the ride may just stop again.

When it’s over, you realize that good or bad, you have to get off and keep on going.

We thank the Almoras for joining us on the Merry Go Round and supporting our cause as we spin in hopes of finding a cure.

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