Deny; defined as the refusal to give or grant.

A call, portal message, or phone call that states, “denied,” for your child’s health or medication elicits an emotional response and feels unbelievable.

We have been here before and feared we would see it again soon.  Dealing with it prior does not prepare you for the fear in your heart and the pit in your stomach that will not go away at hearing or reading that word.


It stings.  

We will advocate and assure treatment is sent to us.  But it makes you wonder how a denial can even be possible with a life saving medication for a child.

We recently watched Purple Hearts on Netflix and during one scene, the main character is denied her life-saving medication.  She does not have the money to pay out of pocket, so she goes without.  Though a Netflix movie, the question remains, how is this possible?  How often does this happen?

Denial is never associated with positivity, but denial for your child is simply unacceptable.

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