Being a mother is complicated. Motherhood is challenging and complex with no rule book or script. Sometimes, you follow your instinct and realize that it all worked out, but a redo would be preferred.

In the end, though cliche, mother knows best.

We celebrated the president of Kelsey’s Kaleidescope, Inc.’s birthday this week. She is a mother of two and grandmother to three. Reflecting on how to best celebrate the life of this great mother, we made toasts as a family.

Kelsey remarked that her grandmother had a wild side and a caring heart. Her wild side included doing anything for her family. She thanked her grandmother for making such a supportive and loving environment. Kelsey continued to express her gratitude regarding this organization and the tireless pursuit she bears to raise awareness and help us find a cure.

Kelsey’s brother also spoke. He thanked his grandmother for building this amazing life and creating his family. He continued to remark on her philanthropic efforts and praised her for beginning this organization, one he hopes to be president of one day.

Both children spoke about kindness and love in their own ways. Maybe motherhood is more natural than we think. Kids see the love and feel when they are protected. They know when you are genuine and when you express an interest in them.

We are lucky to be surrounded by love and support. The two young ones knew just want to say to celebrate the birthday of such a special mother.

We thank this mother for her endless love and support. She is brave, bold, and wild according to Kelsey…

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