It is with a heavy heart that we remember Ruud. Rudd was a member of our international dada2 community. His fight and battle against dada2 began several years ago. Discovered oceans away, his story was an important one.

His legacy lives on.

Two weeks ago, Ruud’s memory was shared during our international gathering. Prior to COVID, our families were lucky enough to sit next to one another during a dada2 conference to share our experiences. Continents separate us, but our stories connected us as parents and families.

The dada2 community is at a loss without you Ruud. From our dada2 family to yours, we wanted you to know that we are thinking of you.

We aim to raise awareness and a cure.

Be brave. Stay strong.

3 thoughts on “Ruud”

  1. Hi,

    How sweet of you to remember Ruud in such a fond way! I get tears in my eyes when I read your piece.

    Thank you,
    Thijs Laan

  2. As bus mum i thank you for youre kind words.
    Bus loss lieves a gap in out lives but we will stay strong
    With love Baps

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