Thanksgiving COVID style

This year is heavy for so many reasons. The lack of normalcy, or should we say the development of our new normal, tested our strength and resilience in many ways.

We also faced the loss of a loved one suddenly, leaving a realization that each day of the season will be different.

Navigating our current local surge in COVID cases did not make Thanksgiving or planning easy decisions for our family.

We choose to stay home as a family to protect the ones we love. This made it a memorable day as we typically share blessings and many loved ones.

Though quiet and calm, we also have much to be grateful for in our lives. We talked over dinner about 2020 and the many changes it has brought to our family. Change is often our only constant, but change can be promising, too. C

Change can bring us growth in unexpected ways.

We counted our blessings together.

The season of giving is now upon us, and it still brings magic in 2020. This year, we recognize that our gifts are found in connections, relationships, and those we love.

We thank you for continued support and love.

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