Emotional germs

There are so many germs surrounding us every day now.  Can you catch emotion, uncertainty, and worry, too?  Maybe emotion is as contagious as a virus?

Worry seems to be our word of 2019, though we have such high hopes for the year ahead.  Worried that warmth is more than viral, belly pain is more than surface, and all we do is just not enough.

We all need an outlet and a support system.  However, when children worry, how do we know that their worries are truly eased?  There is no antibiotic strong enough for our emotional fuel as parents.

It comes with parenthood, we guess.  When we consider how deeply our parents still worry about us as adults.  Ours, in particular, have caught the emotional virus, too.  Their worries may be harder than ours at times because the day to day knowledge is often lost.

The constant cycle of worry, it seems, will continue to run wild for now…

We pray and hope it escapes as the winter germs and blues fade, too.



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