17 vials to Phanatic Fun

The routine response to 17 vials of blood taken to check, maintain, and sustain still makes a parent weak.

We leave the National Institute of Health Sciences feeling tired and breathing a few sighs of relief.  Two full days of testing, talking, and questions is tough to endure.  The entire visit was kept exciting because, “I am going to meet the Phillie Phanatic,” Kelsey told anyone who would listen.

Jake Arrieta of the Philadelphia Phillies had impeccable timing to offer his suite for a charitable night for Kelsey’s Kaleidoscope, Inc.  All day long, sporting her Phillies shirt and hat, Kelsey remained positive and focused on the game and a chance to meet the  Phillie PhanaticThank you to the Arrieta family and our generous donors for making the evening full of fun.  Though they did not win the game, we came home positive and grateful after a long two days.

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