Wit or Wit Out?

This summer has brought me to a new level of humility, gratitude, and appreciation, all of which I find to be fundamentally sound values to foster in children and adults of all ages.  September and November Events are filling up, and I am touched more than I could ever express for the diligent efforts of our family and friends.  It is no wonder that my family tree has strong roots in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia .

William Penn founded the historic city in 1682 and the Declaration of Independence was signed there in 1776.   It is home of the Liberty Bell, the most intimidating fans in football, and my grandmother.  As a New Jersey native, I must admit that my South Philadelphia roots and incorrect pronunciation of “water” can not help but come out from time to time.  

The Philadelphia Eagles will begin the 2016 football season on Sunday, September 11, 2016 just a few blocks away from my mother’s childhood home.  Those passionate fans will be ready to stand tall for our country and for their team.  They will bleed a combination of green, red, white, and blue to commemorate Patriot Day and the American past time.  Fans will honor and cheer for the memory of what was and the hope of a new beginning.   

Then, it is my sincere hope that win or lose, another tradition will stay strong.  The one and only Pat’s King of Steaks since 1930 is located at the intersection of 9th Street, Wharton Street, and Passyunk Avenue in South Philadelphia and sure to serve up a post game delight.  This iconic location will help my family’s efforts become one step closer to a cure by hosting Cheesesteaks for Kelsey.  On September 11, we will join forces with the King himself to help the Princess of our lives.  $1.00 from every steak purchased from 4 P.M.- 10 P.M. on 9/11/16 will go towards our mission and help us with our goal.  Come one, come all.  

Win or lose, my heart will be full with pride as an American for all of the pain and resilience that day represents, pride as a mother on a mission to bring attention and hope to her daughter and other affected children, pride as an Eagles fan, and pride in my South Philadelphia roots.  The City of Brotherly love will not disappoint me.

Are you wit us or are we wit out you?

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