The past few weeks have presented several challenges to us.  Some have been emotional and some physical.  With each new roadblock, we try to learn and grow as a family.  

Spending quality time with my son can be a challenge with basic activities, interests, etc.  Throw in a few other changes and balance can be hard to find.  It is something I make a conscious effort to do, but it is also a personal goal of mine to do better in this area.   Life can stretch us all too thin at times.

By request, my son and I recently went on a date.  He beamed from ear to ear for the duration.  He calculated our scores carefully during Dinosaur mini golf, hugged me between each of the 18 holes, and picked the coziest corner available for our ice cream treat.  He put his arm around me and talked far more than usual.  He made me feel special, and I hope to always do the same for him.  

While we were enjoying our sweet, he said that it was the day of zen.  I marveled at his vocabulary until I realized he combined our names and it was literally the day of “Zen” to him.  He was so proud to make up that clever little nickname for us.

My sweetheart.

Today, my heart was full of this new “Zen” as I watched my baby boy, the one who is too cool to dance with me and prefers play over talking, need me.

My mind went in many directions as something routine forced me to celebrate my family and our blessings.

I had more snuggles than ever and was even unable to leave his room without him stopping me to say, “Mom, I need you.”

Maybe it is just me, but those three words were all I needed to hear.

Zen, I need you, too.