I’m Glad I’m Me

When April wraps up and celebrates poetry for a school poetry day, it warms your heart.
My children are lucky enough to have an amazing librarian who set up a program where students could select a poem and read it local businesses for a prize.  My two kiddos were thrilled at this prospect!  A lover of poetry myself, so was I.
I’m Glad I’m Me
By Jack Prelutsky
No one looks
The way I do.
I have noticed
That it’s true.
No one walks the way I walk.
No one talks the way I talk.
No one plays the way I play.
No one says the things I say.
I am special. I am me.
There’s no one else I’d rather be!
But in the end, her brother was given the task of reading this poem.  He read it confidently and everyone he read it aloud to shared a smile, an “Aww” or said what a brilliant poem it was.  Kelsey selected one about love that she made up to a familiar tune.  She proudly sang it aloud everywhere we went.
The following day, I woke up to see Kelsey carrying the poem I’m Glad I’m Me around with her everywhere she went.  She read it to family members, her dolls, and our puppy.
There’s no one else she’d rather be, and for that, I am glad.