Joy in a twirl

Joy in the form of a twirl…

What grace!  What enthusiasm!  What fun!

This inspiration from my six year old came shortly after the news that we are ceasing the daily injections for the time being.  Words cannot express the weight I feel has been lifted from our morning routine and daily comfort.  

The overall result may have been full of joy, but interestingly, Kelsey first asked to continue the medication.

Her daily frustration…  Her day of double dose torture…

Her daily pain was actually asked for by request.   This medication must make her feel so great.  The knowledge of that was powerful and difficult to discuss aloud.  “I feel really good when I take it” was her rationale.  That sound logic had me question the entire situation.  So with the new relief comes a bit more worry.

For now, I smile.  I watch with amazement and a breathe a huge sigh of relief.  The weekly injection seems easier knowing it will be another seven days before I have to give it again.

Beauty.  Happiness.  Joy.  

Today, my daughter is my inspiration.  

Her twirl is sheer joy.