There is one constant strength that I do not speak of enough.

In many ways, he is the unsung hero of the day, every day.


He rarely seeks affirmation or praise.

He is strong, confident, and focused.


He is sensitive, thoughtful, and decisive.

Deliberate, sweet, and silly all at once.


He internalizes the world and carefully watches more than he realizes.

The world is tricky for him at times.  It is tricky for me to navigate with him.


He carefully approaches tasks and meticulously works.

Except when an electronic device distracts him…


Otherwise he is solid.

He is eight and he overflowing with great.


At times I cannot thank him enough for the happiness he brings me.

The joy, the content feeling of a snuggle, or just his presence beside me.


He made me a mom.

He can never fully understand what that means to me.


We discuss how he should “enjoy every moment.”

We reflect on our days.


Life with him in it is full of promise.

He offers our family so much and asks so little.


He sits beside his sister and holds her hand.

He gently kisses her cheek when she needs it.


He gives in occasionally to appease.

He is stubborn at times to keep it real.


We are so grateful that he is him.

There is no one else in the world quite like him.


My boy.  

Thank you to my one and only boy.