Ignore the Noise and Play On

Ignore the noise and play on…

Losing and winning are such important life skills. Teaching our children how to win and lose with pride and integrity is always important to our family. As sports return outside this fall, we realize how essential this lesson is post-quarantine.

Parents react sometimes more than our children, and our children are always watching.

Our son recently had the chance to volunteer as a referee to a younger league and while there to watch his first time as a ref, we heard a parent tell him, “The whistle is there to blow, ref.” This line was both a humbling and interesting parental moment.

We warned him ahead of time to stand strong and do his best. “If anyone chirps at me, I will ignore them and play on.”

As we continue to win and lose this year in personal and professional conquests, we celebrate many as well.

Ignore the noise and play on…

Sound advice from our strong and brave son.


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