Wonder and Worry

The Olympics close, and school will soon be here.  Where has the summer gone, we wonder?  While the warm air still surrounds us, the fall winds will soon be in front of us. We look ahead, and we worry.

We worry about the next few months. We worry about vaccinations, health, and masks. We worry about Kelsey’s health and the challenges the next few months could bring. We worry about changes for our son and how we will face them.

With all the worry, this week, we looked closely at the worry surrounding us and found something else more powerful, wonder. We worry, yet we wonder and notice that wonder surrounded us often. 

We wonder how our world is in this state.  We wonder how the pandemic surges on in a manner potentially worse as we face another school year.  We wonder how we will do it.  We wonder how our kids will do and how they will thrive.

We realize that we will be resilient, and we will make it through stronger once again. 

Kelsey wondered about creating a new game. We worked on a few different trials, and eventually, she made a fun game with patterns, multiplication, and dice.  In her spare time, 

Kelsey also started writing a book called “Adventure Awaits” to capture her imagination and the bright future she dreams of in the days ahead. 

Kelsey continues to sing and write songs about the summer, her joys, and her fears. 

We wonder how our worry turns into wonder when we look around to find it.

May you find joy and wonder today.

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