Behind the Mask

An immunocompromised child in COVID 19 is tricky. Her mask was purchased more as a memory at the time because it was not a thought months ago, nor has it been since, to have her out in public. When she selected her pineapple print, we thought it was adorable. We never considered having her wear it to get scans, imaging, and pathology completed.

Behind the mask is a brave girl. Her monitoring this summer may be different than usual, but what appears to be “normal” in 2020?

Behind the mask was a smile as she held her father’s hand.

Behind the mask was an anxious face for wearing it for a length of time is not yet normal for hers.

Behind the mask was a proud mom who cannot quite describe how all of this feels in 2020.

Behind the mask was a dad who is always there to support and love his ladies.

Behind the mask was a brother who has matures and grows each time he removes his mask.

Behind the mask, we all look different.

Behind the mask, we are brave.

Behind the mask, we have hope for our future.

We wonder how long we will watch from behind the mask.

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