We have been awaiting news and answers to the new lesions appearing to multiply and invade Kelsey’s skin.  Marks seemed to multiply rather than fade and new fears crept into our minds with each new spot.

A difficult realization was that the very cause of these marks could have been potentially avoided.  We are grateful for all doctors who care for our daughter and feel incredibly proud to know they are on our team.  However, sometimes a team disagrees and decisions must be made.

Two years ago, a discussion of antibodies developing from humira was broached.  It was shut down almost as quickly with opposing schools of thought.

Two years almost to the day, the marks reveal antibodies are causing the lesions.

The very trusted medication that does so much good for our daughter has also decided to work inside her as an opposing force this time.

We’ve felt anger and anxious throughout the past few weeks.  But on we must go, though the marks still look fierce and on we must go, adding new ways to correct and change course.

Our quest for more information and more answers remains strong and our understanding wanes.




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