Healing Ointment

We still await lab results and decisions, we remain hopeful that daily injections have allowed most marks to subside.

Last week was tough on us.  Tough to watch your child look to you for answers you do not have.

Tough to stay strong despite your fears.’tough to start your day with an injection, even if you’re the one objecting.  I can’t imagine being the one on the other end.

Self conscious Kelsey did her best to smile and remain strong.  Though she saw the marks growing deeper in color and size.

She walked in to her after brushing her teeth with generic Eururin.  It reads HEALING OINTMENT.

“Since the needles are not working, maybe this will?  It says it is healing ointment?  Do you think it’s with a try?” she inquired with such hope.

”Maybe this will be just what we were missing,” I reply with doubt but marvel in the quest to find answers any way she can.

To hope and healing ointment…



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