Teacher Appreciation

There are many amazing facets of my daughter’s teacher this year.  She is thoughtful, kind, generous, and loving.  The students in her room feel loved, appreciated, and special every day they are in her care.  You sense it in the room and hear it in the children’s words.

This weekend, Kelsey came home beaming with pride over the “special” day that would happen on Wednesday.  Though it may have been an absolute coincidence to couple stuffed animal day (she’s bringing her Spirit Animal, of course) with a snack on Wednesday, the fact that this would be happening on Kelsey’s needle day made her smile all weekend long.

“This will give me something to smile about in the morning rather than cry my eyes out as usual,” she said, loud and clear.

To all of the teachers who brighten their students lives with thoughtfulness, empathy, and dedication, I thank you.

Mrs. P, YOU have been a remarkable influence on my daughter’s life this year.  It is no surprise she idolizes you, but more than that, you have given her reasons to smile often, inspired her curiosity, and fostered an environment that respects all learners.


Mrs. P, we are grateful for you and all you have done this year for our girl.

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