Dear Santa

While going about our bedtime routine, Kelsey asked me what was on my Christmas list.

I chuckled and said that the health of my family and friends were the only things I would write on mine.  That is the truth.

She giggled and said, “Is that more important than hot new toys?”  Then she thought about it for a minute and said, “I guess it is.  Is it ok for kids to want the hot new toys, though?” as if she was speaking a ToysRUs commercial!

“Of course it is.  Adults want children to have the hot new toys that make them smile,” I replied.

After another few mintues and a conversation change, she brought me paper and a pen.  On it, she wrote:

Dear Santa,

My mom wants health for her family and friends.  Maybe you could take away Mr. Needle, too?



She said all I needed to say.  Santa, now you officially know my Christmas wish.

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