All you need is love

A classic tune that reminds me of a dear friend.

This week, cancer took that dear friend’s life.  It is bittersweet to hear that song and remember her pretty face.  The world needs love and so much of it.  My friend’s legacy will live on and serve as a constant reminder to me of enduring and everlasting love for her daughter.

When I came home from her services, I could not help but play the Beatles song in my mind as I kissed Kelsey goodnight.  She was so adorable in her PJs and her Princess eye mask.  I sat with her for a few extra minutes and softly sang her the song as she slept.

I thought of my friend’s daughter and hoped that she was feeling the love, too.

Love is all we need.

If you’d like to share the love for PAN and DADA2, please join us on November 24 for our 2nd annual Gala.  Tickets can be purchased here.

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